AcChat – Vanessa Evigan of Sand Sharks

Hello everyone and welcome to another AcChat on The Movie Guide Blog, I am pleased to be joined by Vanessa Evigan who plays deputy Brenda Stone in Sand Sharks. Please enjoy!

MG: First of All, can you tell us your name and who you play in Sand Sharks ?
VE: My name is Vanessa Evigan and I play deputy Brenda Stone

MG: So how did it come to be that you would appear in Sand Sharks?
VE:  I have worked with some of the producers of Sand Sharks in the past and they came to me and asked me if I would do this one!

MG: Can you tell us how long you were on set as characters?
VE: I believe we filmed Sand Sharks for just about two weeks if I can remember correct and I was there for most of the shoot.

MG: Is there one part of the character that reminds you of yourself?
VE: I think this is one of the first characters I have played that is nothing like me in real life. Brenda is a bit harsh and what I would like to call “moody” and doesn’t smile much and I am the complete opposite of that! Well, maybe I am a little moody, but that only happens when I don’t eat

MG: Can you tell us about your schedule during the production and what moment really stood out for you?
VE: One of my favorite moments had to be the big beach day where I was running around on the sand shooting at imaginary sand sharks trying to make it as believable as possible so when they added the sharks in post it would look as real as possible!

MG: What was it like to Work with the Cast and Crew on Set?
VE: Sand Sharks was a fun shoot. Everyone got along really well and the hours weren’t so bad. Brooke Hogan and I became friends immediately and that made everything even more fun and enjoyable. I also enjoyed working with Corin. There was never a dull moment with him around and it was fun to see Parker Lewis all grown up

MG: After you’re experiences on Sand Sharks, what is next for you?
VE: I just finished filming a Christmas movie called “A Christmas Wedding” that will be out on Ion this winter and a movie called Blood Ransom. What is keeping me the most busy right now is the TV show I wrote, produced, and am acting in along side my father and sister! We shot the pilot so I hope people will get to see the show sometime in the near future!!

Thanks  to Vanessa for taking out the time to talk to us, join us again soon for another AcChat..



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