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Thunder Levin, Writer of Sharknado talks to The Movie Guide Blog

I’m pleased to say today we are joined by Thunder Levin, the writer of SyFy’s Sharknado and director of such films as AE: Apocalypse EarthAmerican WarshipsMutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood! and SoulmatesSit back and enjoy this Interview..

Firstly, what inspired to become a director?

TL:  When I was a very little kid, my favorite TV show was Star Trek.  I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be Mr. Spock.  Or at least work on the Enterprise with him.  But I was just old enough to understand that TV wasn’t real and that was depressing.  One of my first memories was the Apollo moon landing and that just seemed so primitive that I knew I didn’t want to be an astronaut.  Then someone gave me a book called “The Making Of Star Trek”.  It was really to adult a book for a little kid, so basically I just looked at the pictures.  The very first photo in that book was a group of 1960’s studio technicians working on the Bridge set.  It suddenly clicked in my head that there was a way I could work on the Enterprise!

Then, later, in high school, I took a TV production class, and just got hooked.  I went to film school at New York University and then moved to Los Angeles to take over Hollywood.  It’s been going slowly until a few days ago!

Can you tell us about some of the other projects that you are and have worked on?

TL:  I’ve written and directed three films.  MUTANT VAMPIRE ZOMBIES FROM THE ‘HOOD! starring C. Thomas Howell, AMERICAN WARSHIPS starring Mario Van Peebles & Carl Weathers, and AE APOCALYPSE EARTH starring Adrian Paul and Richard Grieco.  And I’ve written the screenplays for 200 MPH and SHARKNADO.

Let’s Talk Sharknado!

 Firstly, Where did the idea of Sharknado come from?

TL:  The title and therefore the idea, came from the Syfy Channel.  They gave me about half a page of notes and I created a story from that.

What is the plot of Sharknado in your own words?

TL:  On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, a super hurricane fueled by climate change drives tens of thousands of sharks up the west coast. When the storm hits Los Angeles, flood waters swamp the city. There are sharks on the freeway, sharks in Beverly Hills, sharks everywhere! And it just gets worse, because huge waterspouts form over the ocean, spinning even more sharks into the air and onto the populace. It’s a sharknado! Several in fact. But I think the Syfy commercial really said it best: Sharks…  Tornado…  Sharknado!  ‘Nuff said.

Can you tell us a little about the cast on Sharknado?

TL:  Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) plays Fin, the owner of a waterfront bar, who along with his beautiful young bartender Nova, played by Cassie Scerbo, and regular customer George, played by John Heard (Home Alone), travel across a flooded Los Angeles to rescue his ex-wife April, played by Tara Reid.

Can you tell us a little about the crew on Sharknado?

TL:  Sharknado was produced by David Latt, David Rimawi & Paul Bales, partners at The Asylum, the production company that makes many of SyFy’s original movies.  The film was directed by Anthony Ferrante.  I was actually in Costa Rica shooting AE Apocalypse Earth at the same time Sharknado was being filmed in L.A., so I didn’t really get to work with any of the other crew.

 Can you tell the UK Viewers what to expect from Sharknado?

TL: It’s a scientifically accurate documentary about the dangers of global warming.  😉  No, seriously, it’s 90 minutes of insane fun.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us! 

TL:  You’re welcome!


The Expedition -The Deepest Darks of the Amazon Rainforest – Indiegogo Campagin

Nature has found a place to evolve…

Deep in the Amazon Jungle a research team lead by a respected professor strive to protect vulnerable and endangered species, but when their guides abandon them they begin to realize they are in the hunting ground of an apex predator.

And before long, they will be the ones on the endangered list…..

The Expedition is a contemporary twist on the monster movie filled with real characters, complex personal drama and heart thumping scares! We’re not interested in covering the screen with blood and guts. This story sets out to do so much more than that. In addition, the heart of this movie will contain a strong environmental message.

Logging and deforestation in the Amazon and other worldwide rainforest ecosystems is a real problem and while this film will be a work of fiction and designed for entertainment purposes, we want to draw attention and do our part to raise awareness for the conservation of the incredible Amazon basin and the peoples who reside there.

The Cast of The Expedition

Ben Loyd-Holmes 
Ben has starred in various high profile projects, including “Skyfall”, David S Goyer’s “Da Vinci’s Demons” ITV’s “Whitechapel“, BBC’s “Torchwood” and “Spooks“, starring as Ethan in the 2011 film “The Hike” as well as a major role as Private McIntosh in the Steven Spielberg mini series “Band Of Brothers”.Ben is a distinguished producer in his own right. His 2011 feature film “The Hike” was sold and distributed through Lionsgate and in 2012 Ben won Best Producer at the London Horror Festival for“Art House Massacre

Kerry Lorenza- Bennett
Kerry, a graduate of East 15 Acting School, is predominantly experienced in theatre, playing Elaine in the UK tour of Calendar Girls; Messuah in The Jungle Book at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch and Hippolyta in A Midsummer’s Night Dream at the Lowry theatre, ManchesterFeature film credits include: Tanya in Breaking Down; Agent Rosell in Black Book and Alex in Last Man.

Dan Caren
An experienced actor, Daniel has starred in ITV’s “Whitechapel” as well as several episodes of “The Bill“. In 2011 Daniel starred in “The Hike” alongside Ben Loyd-Holmes. Dan also starred in the short film “The Girl Is Mime” with Martin Freeman

Simon Burbage
Cursed with a natural comedic talent and the ability to make even the geekiest geek likeable, Simon is an infectiously enthusiastic actor who steadfastly refuses to grow up.  A graduate of East 15 Acting School, Simons credits include “
Pulp: The Movie”, “Survivors” and “Inherit The Wind” at the Old Vic Theatre in London where he starred alongside Kevin Spacey.

The Filmmakers of The Expedition
The Expedition is being made by a brand new creative team formed in London, UK. With a wealth of professional experience between them, the project is in safe dependable and dedicated hands.

Adam Spinks- Writer/Director
A graduate from Royal Holloway University of London, Adam has been working on film and media projects for several years. His short film work includes the 2012 Virgin Media Short “Breaking“, which is currently being considered by several film festivals. Adam also directs for film and television when he’s not writing or producing. Adam’s feature film debut SURVIVORS is currently in post-production and is due out this winter

Ben Loyd Holmes- Producer
In 2012 Ben Loyd-Holmes won Best Producer for “Art Of Darkness” at the London Horror Film Festival and in 2011 Ben produced and starred in “The Hike” which was sold to LionsGate. 

Ellie Harvie-August – Producer
Ellie is a graduate from the University of Central Lancashire where she studied Film & Television Screenwriting and gained a Bachelor of Arts there. Subsequently, Ellie has worked in marketing for film and media as well as a producer. She produced the 2012 Virgin Media Short “Breaking” & the 100% fan funded feature film “Survivors”.  Ellie is currently in pre-production on her debut short film as a writer/producer “Yellow” due out in late 2013.

Richard Osborne – Director of Photography
Richard graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2012 where he studied Directing Screen Fiction, winning one award and being nominated for others for his graduate film ‘So Haunted.’He has since been directing, shooting and editing under the name of Green Goat Films, making visually exciting music videos, commercials and promos for companies including P&O Ferries and Carpet Right and musicians like Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Dollface.

If you donate to The Expedition this is what you can expect to get in return for your kind donation;

  • Be the first to know just WHAT is out there hunting our research team. All our backers will be the first to get this top secret bit of information!
  • Get “evidence kits” from the expedition itself that include some tantalising clues as to just what our team are out there looking for and tellingly, what they found.
  • Be one of our Producers, credited on IMDB and on all our promotional materials when we’
  • Attend an exclusive London social event with our cast and crew in a top London venue!
  • Sit front and centre as “The Expedition” plays before it’s first ever public audience.
  • Grab copies of our DVD printed with exclusive investor-only artwork
  • See the movie get made in REAL TIME with access to our “Production Diaries” feature online
  • Get a PDF of our screenplay mailed over to you on the day of the films release. Find out all the twists and turns or save the secret for when you watch the movie!

To find out more Information on The Expedition, follow the provided link to their  Indiegogo page – http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-expedition-movie-project

Fear Clinic: The Movie – Are you Ready? – Indiegogo Campagin

Are you ready for this! Kane Hodder (Jason, Friday the 13th), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street), Danielle Harris and Angelina Armani all in the same movie, It can only mean one thing, Fear is back in one hell of a way! fear clinic movie poster version 2

We’re all afraid of something, right?  How many of you horror fans out there would die to see Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) play a new scary horror franchise character?  Hell yeah! .

With over five million viewers, FEAR CLINIC is the most-watched horror web series in FEARnet history.  Now the filmmakers are taking things to the next level by making Fear Fear Clinic: The Movie. Join the cast and crew in making horror movie history…

Fear Clinic are trying to raise $150,000 dollars to take this film into production. To be honest, I need to see this as much as anyone else! Hell, I’ve been an Robert Englund, Kane Hodder Fan for many years and these were some of the icons that got me into the horror genre. So anything we can do to help, lets support this amazing project!

Fear Clinic Pitch Video from Almost Human Inc. on Vimeo.

You can visit the Fear Clinic Indiegogo page at: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fear-clinic-the-movie, where you can donate as much as you possibly can. If you can’t contribute, have no fear—there are scary ways you can help us:

  1.  SHARE this Indiegogo campaign with EVERYONE you know on the entire planet.  (link to share:igg.me/at/fearclinic) and use the hashtag: #fearclinicmovie
  2. Visit and LIKE our Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/fearthecure
  3. Create some scary fan art and share it on our Tumblr: http://fearclinic1.tumblr.com
  4. Participate in our upcoming CONTESTS on our FB and Twitter fan pages!

MORE THAN HUMAN – Kickstarter Campagin

5 teenagers gain special abilities after drinking a mysterious serum. Perfect for fans of Heroes, Lost, Smallville or Teen Titans!

More Than Human” is an action/drama/sci-fi series about 5 teenagers who gain special abilities after drinking a mysterious serum.  This brings them into conflict with a government scientist and 3 beings from an alternate dimension.During Season 1, Lindsey (Alexandra Mauro), William (Xavier Price), Morgan (Sadie Brook), Bryce (Scott Chase) and Eli (Rowland Sauls) discover their individual powers and experiment with how to use them.

As they are learning, Dr. James Worthington (Joe Grisaffi), a government scientist desperate to save his comatose teenage daughter, is threatened by Gabrielle (Brittany Djie), Elijah (Eric Schneider) and Samuel (Isaac Fenter).  They are beings from an alternate dimension with their own dangerous abilities and a shadowy connection to the serum.

When disaster strikes, the teenagers must rise to the challenge and enter into a secret battle that has existed for centuries.”More Than Human” is an original web series that combines elements of popular TV series’ such as Heroes, Fringe, Battlestar GalacticaSmallville, The 4400, Lost and Teen Titans.

Creator of More Than Human – Carlos M. Tovar

Carlos M. Tovar (IMDB.com) is an independent filmmaker and producer from Houston, TX.  He has produced for numerous web series, including Placeholders25 and Married and Fore (in addition to his work on several feature films).

Quoted by Carlos on the Kickstarter Page:

“The idea of creating a deep story mythology for a teen superhero series that could also serve as an allegory for faith was too much to resist. After months of tightening the script, casting, development and pre-production (as well as filming for the first 5 episodes), Season 1 is ready to be completed!  I wanted to all but guarantee that the project would cross the finish line, so we have actually already shot and edited the first 5 episodes of the 10-episode 1st Season. The series is scheduled to begin airing in Fall of 2013, so we need your help to film and edit Episodes 6-10 of Season 1″

The Cast of More Than Human include: Alexandra Mauro, Xavier Price, Sadie Brooke, Scott Chase, Rowland Sauls, Sara Gaston, Brittany Djie, Eric Schneider, Isaac Fenter, Grace Powell, Seth Lee, Abby Williard and Michael Humphrey.

This project looks absolutely fantastic and I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I know that this project will meet the goal in order to make it but every bit of support counts so make sure you stop at their kickstarter page and support as much as you can!

You can visit the More Than Human Kickstarter page at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ctovar/more-than-human-season-1-0

Webisodes Feature: Hero Squad Comedy – House Broken

In the first of many new features coming on TMGB, We’re going to be featuring online web series.

The first series which the TMGB is feature is called “House Broken” from the Hero Squad Comedy – www.youtube.com/user/HeroSquadComedy

House Broken is a new web series that chronicles the hilarious and depraved adventures of Graham and H.G.

This post will feature every episode from House Broken each time it is uploaded.

House Broken – Episode 1: The Homeless

Starring: Graham Denman Alex Llera Nick Crowe Tim Crowe
Created by Nick Crowe ,Theme Song by Graham Denman and Edited by Tim Crowe

House Broken – Episode 2: Rags To Roommates

Graham and Alex talk about the ordeal that Graham has just gone through, but they’re interrupted by an unwanted guest.

Starring: Graham Denman Alex Llera Tim Crowe
Created by Nick Crowe ,Theme Song by Graham Denman and Edited by Tim Crowe


Hey Guys, Jamie here!

I wanted to apologise for the long delays in new posts, I’ve been busy at University and seeing how I’ve got 3 weeks off I’m going to try and get in the swing of things and do some more posts on the blog.

Hope you enjoy what is to come!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sinister – Disturbing New Red Band Trailer Will Put Asses In Seats!


The Red Band trailer for  Sinister is unnerving because we’re used to dialogue–or voice-over narration– telling us the set-up for the film. Here? No such thing. We simply see all the increasingly scary images, and the tension builds to freaky levels...

I think I first saw the Sinister  trailer this summer, and it definitely and swiftly was added to my “must see”  list.These days, that doesn’t always equate to “must see in theater”,  sometimes it’s “must watch as soon as I can obtain it, as long as it costs less than ten bucks”, but you get the idea. However this, THIS  new Red Band trailer, may very well get my ass in a movie theater seat!

OK, I’m not above admitting the main thing that sold me was that ten-word review from Eric Walkuski at JoBlo.com:. SINISTER IS GOING TO FUCK UP A LOT OF PEOPLE.  DEAL, 

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