Staff at The Movie Guide Blog

Jamie – Founder, Owner and Head Editor of The Movie Guide Blog
I became an fan when I first entered a movie screen at the local cinema in Great Yarmouth, for a showing of Twister, after having sat through an amazing picture, I knew that I loved films… from that I’ve watched countless films from Action to Horror to Independent movies… Some of my favourite films include: Jaws, Twister (of course), The Mummy, The original Universal Movie Monster films and many many more… But as I became more invovled with film genre’s, I would say that the Horror genre became a favourite..

Having been studying an IT course for three years and now on my second year of my university course, I wanted to start a project where I can get invovled in the movie world whether its reviewing, interviewing or debating movies with other bloggers… Then The Movie Guide Blog was born!…

Jonathan – Writer (Reviewer)

Tyson – Writer (Reviewer & Interviewer)
The first time I ever fell in love with a film was when I walked into a room and saw my family watching the Martin Scorsese masterpiece Casino. I’m sure I had sat through a whole host of kids films prior to this moment, but as soon as I saw Casino I felt different, almost as if my little mind started to realise that there was this new world of films out there that wasn’t aimed at children, and I began my quest to see as many of them as I could. Some of my favourite films of all time would be The Godfather, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Shining, The Deer Hunter, Casino, Pulp Fiction, I Saw The Devil, Drive……..the list goes on, but the underlying theme would be the more adult/violent orientated style of film and the majority would star my favourite actor of all time Robert De Niro. I have even set myself a quest to try and see every one of his films.

Many years later I decided to try and share my feelings and thoughts on the films I had seen in an effort to vent my opinion and hopefully meet some like-minded people along the way. I set up my own site Head in a Vice ( in June 2012, and I try to offer reviews on some of the more obscure horror and violent films in the attempt of unearthing some hidden gems for people. I also run a few projects to try and give my site a community style vibe, including my attempt to offer a review for all the IMDB’s Top 250 Films with the help of some cool guest reviewers, and my Desert Island Films project where people tell me the films they would take if they were going to be stuck on a desert island.

In August 2012 I started to contribute here at The Movie Guide and look forward to being a part of something new and exciting!

Shah Shahid – Reviewer
 “With a background in Film Making and an obsession for everything creative, Shah is the Co-Creator and Writer of the Qwixotic Webcomic Series:

Heavily influenced by films of all generations and genres, mostly Hollywood and the Indian Industry, Shah has the unique ability to see through the clichéd and generic in fiction. In his spare time, he can also be found lecturing to his family and friends on the intricacies of proper plot development, while in a crowded movie theatre. A full blown fanboy / geek by admission, Shah further expresses his fanboy-ism to the public, through rants on his own Blog,

From now on however, Shah will be bringing you his Movie rants and raves with “Ramblin’ Reveiws”  at The Movie Guide Blog!”

Damon Rickard – Horror Writer, Reviewer:
I’m a frustrated movie reviewer. In that I don’t get paid to review movies. I was turned onto movies in a huge way by my dad when I was 7 when he brought a new Betamax video player into the home. It was the start of a beautiful relationship between myself and the silver screen. The first films I watched on this new machine at aged 7… Jaws, Magnum Force, Creepshow and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! And yet I am a perfectly well adjusted member of society.

Damon also has his own blog called Namesy’s Reviews and General Wonderingments – check it out at

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