MORE THAN HUMAN – Kickstarter Campagin

5 teenagers gain special abilities after drinking a mysterious serum. Perfect for fans of Heroes, Lost, Smallville or Teen Titans!

More Than Human” is an action/drama/sci-fi series about 5 teenagers who gain special abilities after drinking a mysterious serum.  This brings them into conflict with a government scientist and 3 beings from an alternate dimension.During Season 1, Lindsey (Alexandra Mauro), William (Xavier Price), Morgan (Sadie Brook), Bryce (Scott Chase) and Eli (Rowland Sauls) discover their individual powers and experiment with how to use them.

As they are learning, Dr. James Worthington (Joe Grisaffi), a government scientist desperate to save his comatose teenage daughter, is threatened by Gabrielle (Brittany Djie), Elijah (Eric Schneider) and Samuel (Isaac Fenter).  They are beings from an alternate dimension with their own dangerous abilities and a shadowy connection to the serum.

When disaster strikes, the teenagers must rise to the challenge and enter into a secret battle that has existed for centuries.”More Than Human” is an original web series that combines elements of popular TV series’ such as Heroes, Fringe, Battlestar GalacticaSmallville, The 4400, Lost and Teen Titans.

Creator of More Than Human – Carlos M. Tovar

Carlos M. Tovar ( is an independent filmmaker and producer from Houston, TX.  He has produced for numerous web series, including Placeholders25 and Married and Fore (in addition to his work on several feature films).

Quoted by Carlos on the Kickstarter Page:

“The idea of creating a deep story mythology for a teen superhero series that could also serve as an allegory for faith was too much to resist. After months of tightening the script, casting, development and pre-production (as well as filming for the first 5 episodes), Season 1 is ready to be completed!  I wanted to all but guarantee that the project would cross the finish line, so we have actually already shot and edited the first 5 episodes of the 10-episode 1st Season. The series is scheduled to begin airing in Fall of 2013, so we need your help to film and edit Episodes 6-10 of Season 1″

The Cast of More Than Human include: Alexandra Mauro, Xavier Price, Sadie Brooke, Scott Chase, Rowland Sauls, Sara Gaston, Brittany Djie, Eric Schneider, Isaac Fenter, Grace Powell, Seth Lee, Abby Williard and Michael Humphrey.

This project looks absolutely fantastic and I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I know that this project will meet the goal in order to make it but every bit of support counts so make sure you stop at their kickstarter page and support as much as you can!

You can visit the More Than Human Kickstarter page at: