Thunder Levin, Writer of Sharknado talks to The Movie Guide Blog

I’m pleased to say today we are joined by Thunder Levin, the writer of SyFy’s Sharknado and director of such films as AE: Apocalypse EarthAmerican WarshipsMutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood! and SoulmatesSit back and enjoy this Interview..

Firstly, what inspired to become a director?

TL:  When I was a very little kid, my favorite TV show was Star Trek.  I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be Mr. Spock.  Or at least work on the Enterprise with him.  But I was just old enough to understand that TV wasn’t real and that was depressing.  One of my first memories was the Apollo moon landing and that just seemed so primitive that I knew I didn’t want to be an astronaut.  Then someone gave me a book called “The Making Of Star Trek”.  It was really to adult a book for a little kid, so basically I just looked at the pictures.  The very first photo in that book was a group of 1960’s studio technicians working on the Bridge set.  It suddenly clicked in my head that there was a way I could work on the Enterprise!

Then, later, in high school, I took a TV production class, and just got hooked.  I went to film school at New York University and then moved to Los Angeles to take over Hollywood.  It’s been going slowly until a few days ago!

Can you tell us about some of the other projects that you are and have worked on?

TL:  I’ve written and directed three films.  MUTANT VAMPIRE ZOMBIES FROM THE ‘HOOD! starring C. Thomas Howell, AMERICAN WARSHIPS starring Mario Van Peebles & Carl Weathers, and AE APOCALYPSE EARTH starring Adrian Paul and Richard Grieco.  And I’ve written the screenplays for 200 MPH and SHARKNADO.

Let’s Talk Sharknado!

 Firstly, Where did the idea of Sharknado come from?

TL:  The title and therefore the idea, came from the Syfy Channel.  They gave me about half a page of notes and I created a story from that.

What is the plot of Sharknado in your own words?

TL:  On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, a super hurricane fueled by climate change drives tens of thousands of sharks up the west coast. When the storm hits Los Angeles, flood waters swamp the city. There are sharks on the freeway, sharks in Beverly Hills, sharks everywhere! And it just gets worse, because huge waterspouts form over the ocean, spinning even more sharks into the air and onto the populace. It’s a sharknado! Several in fact. But I think the Syfy commercial really said it best: Sharks…  Tornado…  Sharknado!  ‘Nuff said.

Can you tell us a little about the cast on Sharknado?

TL:  Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) plays Fin, the owner of a waterfront bar, who along with his beautiful young bartender Nova, played by Cassie Scerbo, and regular customer George, played by John Heard (Home Alone), travel across a flooded Los Angeles to rescue his ex-wife April, played by Tara Reid.

Can you tell us a little about the crew on Sharknado?

TL:  Sharknado was produced by David Latt, David Rimawi & Paul Bales, partners at The Asylum, the production company that makes many of SyFy’s original movies.  The film was directed by Anthony Ferrante.  I was actually in Costa Rica shooting AE Apocalypse Earth at the same time Sharknado was being filmed in L.A., so I didn’t really get to work with any of the other crew.

 Can you tell the UK Viewers what to expect from Sharknado?

TL: It’s a scientifically accurate documentary about the dangers of global warming.  😉  No, seriously, it’s 90 minutes of insane fun.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us! 

TL:  You’re welcome!


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