Reviews by Jonathan: Looper

How to begin a review for a movie like this……well first i’ll start with the easy stuff, if you haven’t seen “Looper” yet, do it. It’s not often we get such a smart, interesting, emotional, and exciting Sci-Fi, and it deserves every cent it gets. The creators of this film can sleep well at night knowing that they created a film that can not only sit with the modern classics of the genre like “Inception”, “Moon”, or “Children of Men”, but one that can sit with the likes of “The Terminator”, or “Twelve Monkeys”.

The premise of “Looper” is pretty interesting. It’s the year 2044 and time travel has yet to be invented, but 30 years from then it will have been. In 2072 time travel is immediately outlawed, and is adopted by criminal organizations to send back any targets that need eliminating. Loopers are the hitmen who are hired to eliminate these targets that are sent back. And that’s all i’m willing to tell you without spoiling anything, sure the trailer tells you a lot more, but if you’ve managed to avoid seeing the trailer up until now keep doing so unless you are still unconvinced about whether you want to see this or not. Now just from that brief hint at the premise I gave you, you might have picked up on a few “Hey, wait a minute….” details, and I saw them too, but every time I saw one of those little holes the film immediately responded and explained itself. It was as if the film enjoyed shutting me up……and i could not help but grin every time it did. This is a truly smart screenplay that takes elements from just about every time travel movie, and perfects them, tying everything up in a bow and daring you to find one single hole (and yes, I did find one I can’t answer yet, but one hole in a time travel flick is beyond impressive). I have nothing but respect and admiration for the writer of this film.

One of the biggest surprises I had in this film was while it was cool and stylish and full of action, it was also personal, and emotional. “Looper” above all else is a character story. I wish I could elaborate, I wish I could tell you how this movie manages to get so much mileage out of what really isn’t a very complex story, but it’s impossible without spoiling something, and trust me, the less you know with this one, the better.

On the technical side, “Looper” also excels. I don’t know this film’s budget, but they got the most out of it, whatever it was. The effects are great, but never distracting. CGI never takes center stage in any scene, the actors and script are what drive every single scene, and i love that. The film’s score is solid but nothing memorable, the thing that struck me is how well it uses silence rather than music to enhance a scene. This approach to sound give the film a different feel from most Sci-fi films which tend to assault your ears with constant sounds, the use of sound and silence add to the more personal feeling of the film. The pacing is also tight and focused, never dragging or going too fast. And the camera work was well done and unique. This is a film that achieves everything you could ask for from its genre, and more.

Overall, between the story, the characters, the effects, the pacing, and the sound. “Looper” is the definition of a complete package. I could go on about every little thing i loved about this movie, but spoiling anything about this should be a crime. All you need to know, is that if you even have a remote interest in anything Sci-Fi, this movie is the must see movie of right now, and is likely one, of if not THE best film of the year.


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