Upcoming Movies: CUT

What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes…

I heard about the film “CUT” through a friend to The Movie Guide Blog, and after checking out the trailer a couple of times, I knew that i wanted to share it with all the readers of The Movie Guide Blog.

Directed by David Rountree
Produced by Darvin Morales, David Rountree, David Banks

Starring: Dahlia Salem William McNamara David Rountree David Banks Chris Moir Sam Scarber Allen Maldonado Suze Lanier-Bramlett Gabrielle Stone Kristin Vahl

The apparent is never the truth as an ex-con and aspirant filmmaker set out to manufacture a horror film by scaring people for real; however, when it goes too far and someone actually dies, the pair decide that killing for real on film is the way to make a truly terrifying movie.

Just to give you a taster of CUT, Check the official trailer out of CUT!

Be sure to check out the official website at: www.thecutmovie.com


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