Trailer Talk with Shah: JACK REACHER – 2012

The trailer for JACK REACHER tells me absolutely nothing about this movie. Now, I could easily Google or IMDB or visit a bunch of sites to get info on this. However, that defeats the purpose of the damn Trailer!

So, I’ll take a stab. Apparently, Jack Reacher is a bona fide bad ass. But he’s good. He knows right and wrong, but doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything else. As Tom Cruise himself says in the Trailer, “I’m not a hero.”

Seemingly this looks like your typical Tom Cruise action movie. There’s a fast car, ominous shots of people running and screaming, Tom Cruise looking constipated in his attempts of being badass, and some generic fight scenes accentuated with a lot of bass. That’s really it.

We get no idea of story, or what’s actually happening in this movie… it’s just a show reel for ‘Look! Tom’s still got it.’ I beg to differ.

Tom Cruise is aging and it shows. He’s still an awesome actor, but these kinds of roles don’t suit him anymore. I loved him in ROCK OF AGES, but unless he starts taking more risks like that…. He is going the way of the Dodo.

Obviously he can prove me wrong with his performance in JACK REACHER. But the fact that the Makers are arrogant enough to think that Tom Cruise kicking ass alone is enough to get crowds in the seats, shows me how they’re banking more on Cruise’s star power, than anything else. Even the official poster itself just says ‘Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher’. Because the only thing we need to know to watch a movie, is that Tom Cruise is in it. Genius!

JACK REACHER is in theatres on December 21st, 2012.

What do you think about Tommy still doing this kind of stuff, and what do you think about JACK REACHER??

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7 thoughts on “Trailer Talk with Shah: JACK REACHER – 2012

  1. This trailer looks like it will be another awful Tom Cruise movie that people will come out in drones to see. Still horrible looking movie, the story isn’t shown because there isn’t one.

    • I just feel insulted by the fact that the only promotion they felt was necessary for this film in the trailer, is Tom Cruise.

      I expect his next film trailer, to be the official synopsis text, flying on the screen in various effects, with intense music… and nothing else.

      That would actually be pretty badass now that I think about it.

  2. Does anyone else find it funny that Hollywood expects us to take Tom Cruise of all people as a hardcore action hero……when every villian in the movie seems to tower over him?

    • He is a little small eh?
      Well this is Cruise’s foray into author backed roles it seems.
      REACHER is based on Lee Child’s novels… similar to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series… of which there’s a movie coming out as well.

      (I was forced to Google)

      • I know of it, and from what i’ve heard the actual character is basically the exact opposite of Cruise. Tough, Stoic, etc. It’s just amusing that they picked Cruise of all people.

  3. neoarcadia546:

    Really? Well that seems sort of miscast. Although Cruise does the blank/stoic look pretty well at times. However much I may think it seems like he’s trying to seduce someone…

    He’s not a bad actor, however I find it harder to suspend my disbelief when the larger than life personality of the actor, starts creeping into almost each and every role he plays.

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