Independent Feature: Through The Looking Glass

Just recently I was tweeted by Craig Griffith to check out the trailer Through The Looking Glass and I have to say I was mightly impressed, and with the micro-budget that they had there had the film looks fantastic. Here’s a little bit about the production team and cast of Through the looking glass:

Written & Directed: Craig Griffith
Executive Producers:  Mike Pringle & Mark Stevenson
Produced: Craig Griffith, William Charles & May Gwen
Actors: Paul McCarthy, Jonathan Rhodes, Mike Langridge, Ros Povey

Synopsis of Through the looking glass:

Through the looking glass is a psychological horror detailing the path of one man’s obsession that culminates in madness, fear and ultimately death.

The Artist lives alone in a foreboding old house in the country, a place of solitude, free from distractions. For years he has been happy here, content and prolific, but now he is at odds with his work and is unable to paint.

This Painter’s block has lead to a desperate man obsessed with the need to paint, leaving The Artist in a state of disarray.

All of this changes when he finds a large mysterious package left on his doorstep. The Artist unveils the wrapping to find a strange ornate mirror enveloped within.

As events progress strange things begin to manifest. At first these seem trivial. However things soon escalate into increasingly disturbing occurrences.

During this time he becomes wracked by horrific and surreal visions that begin to fuel his work. As he experiences each aberration, The Artist enters an almost trance-like state, during which he paints what he sees.

Through his addiction to these ardent visions, he becomes more reclusive. Each brush stroke brings him inexorably closer to an unknown fate, a fate that is perhaps foretold in the very visions that fuel his work.

You can follow all the goings on of Through the looking glass at


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