Trailer Talk with Shah: RED DAWN – 2012

I’m excited! RED DAWN was originally a 1984 Film featuring a young legend, Patrick Swayze. And I gotta say, the remake seems freakin’ amazing. Well, the Trailer anyways.

Usually I hate adrenaline fueled action movies with cheesy ass gimmicks. And make no mistake; RED DAWN has a cheesy ass premise. Foreign Invaders invade USA, and young groups in a small city, trained by a local US Marine home for the holidays, defend one small city by becoming the rebellion fighting back!

Yea, I know…. Cheesy right? But the Trailer is awesome! It’s got everything and it’s done right. The Trailer introduces the lead characters right away. Chris Hemsworth as the elder brother Marine, who will teach everyone how to be a badass. (I presume) The shit hits the fan, as the city gets taken over, their local Cop Father gets shot by the bad guys and all hell breaks loose. The kids decide to become the Rebellion, and I love it!

The Trailer is incredibly effective, as its got moments of gut wrenching tragedy mixed with awesome action sequences & bad-ass one liners delivered with intense bass, from our own Viking God, Hemsworth.

I absolutely dislike Adrienne Palicki and the Barbie Doll Isabel Lucas, but I assume they’re only there to run around in tight fitting pants. TV badass Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also in this as an old militant hermit, who helps the kids out. (Again, I presume.)

I don’t expect much rom RED DAWN, but I do expect awesomeness in the action and over all adrenaline of the film. RED DAWN is in Theatres November 21st, 2012.

What are you expecting from RED DAWN??

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One thought on “Trailer Talk with Shah: RED DAWN – 2012

  1. Reblogged this on Blank Page Beatdown and commented:
    A remake of the Patrick Swayze starrer in 1984, RED DAWN looks like a kick ass movie about a group kids turning rebels when their hometown gets invaded by Foreign Troops! Thor is in it!

    Check out my Review and lemme know your thoughts in the comments.

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