Now Movies: The Darkening

“Dont switch the lights out!”

I Found this movie via Twitter, and took a look at the Trailer. I have to say this film’s trailer had an impact on me , so its now a feature on The Movie Guide Blog..

Cast:  Nick Layng, Melissa Revels, Jeff Scaduto and Naomi Karlzon
Director: Jack L. Young
Writer: Jack Young, Dan Young

Synopsis of The Darkening:
“The Darkening” is a suspense/horror film set in the Midwest. The story centers around a young married man, James Harrison, who witnesses his mother’s murder at age eight. James returns to his hometown of Fairview after twenty years with his wife to sell the old house in which his mother was brutally murdered by Kyle Burnett, a deaf & mute brute of a man, and in which James was left with a reminder, a scar on his throat, by Kyle and nightmares that won’t end.

Soon after James returns, he begins experiencing blackouts while continuing his therapy in Fairview with a local Psychiatrist. With the onset of the “Darkening”, as Doctor Phillips calls it, James finds himself living between two worlds, the world of light..and life, and the world of darkness. When a “bound doll” that the doctor has Kyle Burnett contruct as an aid to James’ therapy disappears, the small town is suddenly rocked by brutal killings that are mirroring the M.O. of the murderer that killed James mother. Haunted by a bloody vision of himself at eight years old and a strange connection to a man in a black raincoat, James begins to experience memories of the murders in perfect detail.

As the murders continue, James is taken deep into his subconscious by the doctor to discover the horrifying truth that is hidden deep inside…the darkening.

Just to give you a taster of The Darkening, here is the trailer for the film, enjoy.


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