AcChat – Ruben Pla of Chemical Peel

Hello everyone and welcome to another AcChat on The Movie Guide Blog, I’m pleased to say that we’re joined by Ruben Pla who plays Howard in Hank Braxtan’s new film, Chemical Peel, Enjoy!

MG: Hi There, Thanks for taking the Time to fill out this Q and A
RP: It’s my pleasure, Jamie.

MG:First of All, can you tell us your name and who you play in Chemical Peel?
RP:I’m Ruben Pla and I play Howard in the film.

MG:So how did it come to be that you would appear in Chemical Peel?
RP: Hank Braxtan, the director, is a good friend of mine and had me in mind for the role from the beginning.

MG: Can you tell us how long you were on set as characters on the production of the film?
RP: I was there for a couple of days and shot two great scenes.  Can’t say more, but Howard definitely makes an “impact”.

MG: Is there one part of the character that reminds you of yourself?
RP: Yes, that he likes dogs.

MG: Can you tell us about your schedule during the production and what moment really stood out for you?
RP: Getting beat up by women was my favorite part.

MG: What was it like to Work with the Cast and Crew on Set?
RP: As I mentioned, Hank’s my buddy, so that was a real blast.  I also knew the actresses I worked with so that was great.  Arielle, Natalie, and Stephanie are extremely talented and three of my favorite actresses that I’ve worked with.

MG: I’ve interviewed Hank Braxtan on the site already, but what was it like to work with a visionary and talented director? 
RP:Did he tell you to say that?!  : D  If I know Hank, he did.  Well, you know what?  He’s right.  Hank’s got a very clear vision and maintains great control of that vision, yet allows the actor to “play” on set.  I know that’s said about directors often, but in this case it’s absolutely true.

MG:  After your experiences on Chemical Peel, what is next for you?
RP: Right after, I shot another two features, Eric England’s CONTRACTED and E.L. Katz’ CHEAP THRILLS.  Played very different characters from Howard…and that’s what I love about this business.  Crazy Killer one day, Loving Parent the next.  I’m also attached to a couple more projects right now.

Thanks to Ruben for taking the time out to talk to us, Join us again for another edition of AcChat only here on The Movie Guide Blog!


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