Review by Damon – Smush! A Deadheads Short ★ ★ ★ ★

Review by Damon Rickard
Stars Markus Taylor, Georgia Rose Matlack, Travis Betz, Greg Dow
Written by Brett Pierce & Drew T Pierce
Certification UK TBC
Runtime 9 minutes
Directed by Brett Pierce & Drew T Pierce

Direct from the minds of the brothers that brought us the brilliant Deadheads comes a new tale following that film’s loveable zombie, Cheese.

After their experience at Fright Fest in 2011 where the Pierce brothers showcased their new zomcomrom, they decided that they needed to find an excuse to go back again.  What better way to do it than make another film!  Funded through the fans of Deadheads via an online fundraising page Brett and Drew did exactly that.

They didn’t want to do a sequel/prequel as they felt there wasn’t really anywhere to go with it and they really wanted it to surround Cheese.  So instead they simply just tell a short tale of Cheese and discount the time frame.  Its exact location in time in relation to Deadheads is unimportant, this is a bit of fun and a good dollop of the icky stuff (it’s called Smush for a reason).

Whilst coming to terms with life as a zombie and foraging for food, Cheese finds himself stuck in a cat flap of the home a young girl that is seemingly now on her own following the recent zombie outbreak.  One night she hears the wail of the undead and finds the nearest protection and weapon before heading to the garage where the dreaded sound came from.  Here she finds the immobilised zombie, one arm and his head poking into her home unable to get further in or pull himself back out.

She soon discovers that this poor creature is simply hungry and begins pushing him food in much the same way Mikey did on his discovery of Sloth in The Goonies.  But being a zombie, one simple plate of food isn’t enough and she has to bring him more, then some more, followed by a little bit more.  This soon becomes an exchange of food for trust.  Cheese sees the girl, Annabelle (delightfully played by Georgia Rose Matlack), as someone for him not to fear and with every plate of food, as someone to be grateful to.  In return Annabelle goes through a similar arc with her fear turning to sympathy and almost seeing Cheese as a potential pet!

But then trouble finds its way into the garage in the form of a less friendly zombie who is simply out for blood and Annabelle’s will suit him just fine. I’ll leave it there, don’t want to give everything away (which I was in danger of doing).

The Pierce brothers have crafted us a wonderfully fluffy, gory, funny short film with one of the best zombies since Day of the Dead’s Bub (a deserved round of applause for Markus Taylor).  It retains the pitch perfect humour of Deadheads with a tiny slice of danger and a wonderful smattering of Smush!

I genuinely loved this short film and once they get it posted up online I recommend you having a watch of it. Oh but if you haven’t watched Deadheads (why not??) then you should check that out first.


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