Movie Site Feature: Promote Horror

Welcome to the second movie site feature on The Movie Guide Blog, The next website that I wanted to feature is Promote Horror. Promote Horror have Retweet a couple of the interviews which have been featured on The Movie Guide Blog.

Here’s a little bit about Promote Horror, which comes from: is the place to Promote Horror with HorrO. A couple of years ago I started HorrO’s Gory Reviews in order to express my opinion of horror movies. Not long after that I decided to put more of my ideas out there when I started The Dog Days in Zombieville. Then I had probably my best idea yet…! This is where people can promote their horror related work including books, films, blogs, websites, artwork, photography, stores, conventions, events, podcasts, press releases, or IndieGoGO/Kickstarter campaigns.

Here’s a little bit about how Promote Horror works:
There are two ways to promote here. One is to be a featured promotion, in which I put together a promotion for you based on information I’m supplied with. Two is to be included in a simple promotion on one of the featured pages. Once I have done a promotion for you, I “Spread the Horror” through the use of sites like Twitter and Facebook, and encourage you to do the same.

If you’re a horror film and want a bit of promotion, the this is the way that you can contact promote horror:
You can find on Twitter, where I frequently retweet, and sometimes do a “Site of the Night.” I encourage you to also “Like” the fan page, where you are free to promote whatever you would like. You can also email me at So what are you waiting for, contact me now so that I can start promoting for you today!

I Really like what this website does for the Horror Indie world, plus there are some great films on here. here are some of the links to look for Promote Horror:


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