AcChat – Joe Parascand of Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies

Hello everyone and Welcome to Another AcChat here on the Movie Guide Blog, I’m pleased to say that Sheriff Tom i.e. Joe Parascand has come and done an Interview for the site that I hope you all enjoy reading.

MG: First of All, can you tell us your name and who you play in Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies? 
JP: Joe Parascand, I play Sheriff Tom Walker

MG: So how did it come to be that you would appear in Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies?
JP:I played the same role in part 1 of the trilogy, Mary Horror, after having won the part during an audition in late 2010

MG: Is there one part of the character that reminds you of yourself?
JP: I guess Sheriff Tom’s one-liner type sense of humour.

MG: Can you tell us about your schedule during the production and what moment really stood out for you? 
JP: As I work a full-time job from 8:30-5:30 M-F, it was quite a challenge going into work after either a Sun PM or Tues PM shoot because of how long they went.   You get home feeling adrenaline and then by 3PM the next day, you grind through it, then sleep a few hours, head to the gym, and then back to work again – but that’s what it takes to make a film when you work full-time.  I would say any of the shoots when we had to choreograph the efforts of 30+ zombies were a real challenge yet very rewarding once complete.

MG: What was it like to Work with the Cast and Crew on Set? 
JP: Wonderful experience – everyone got along well and had a sense of humour, which you need when working long nights.

MG: After you’re experiences on Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies, what is next for you? 
JP: I still have to finish my last scenes for another film called Rough Edge in which I play a mob boss but that’s been on hold for 8 months or so.    In addition, I have to finish a short called Pile-Up in which I play a flamboyant detective.   In 2013, I will start looking for NY projects and I’m sure you have not seen the last of the Weber Pictures films.

Thanks to Joe for taking the time out to talk us about playing Sheriff Tom Walker, join us again soon for another AcChat only on The Movie Guide Blog.


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