Reviews by Alistair: Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Director:  George A Romero
Cast: Ken Foree, David Emge,  Scott H Reiniger and Gaylen Ross
Running Time:  140 Minutes

Plot:  The film takes place in a world overrun by zombies.Its about four people and there struggle to stay alive.The four main characters find the city is getting too dangerous so they take off in a helicopter to find a safer place to live.In there hurry to leave they find themselves with little water and they decide to land on the roof of a shopping mall.At first it is just to rest and get supplies but they find themselves hypnotized by the shopping mall and decide to stay.Its a fight to keep it for themselves not only for the hordes of zombies but from other humans.This leads to a final show down with both the zombies and there fellow humans in a fight for survival.

My Review Of The Film
This for me is the best film ever made,Its a film that takes you on a roller coaster of a ride.Its heart pounding,scary and also has funny in parts.

I love the way the director lulls the audience into forgetting the hordes of zombies with light humor which then hits you with a scene of graphic gore.I love the way the director,George A Romero makes you love all the characters and hoping for them to survive.

The actors are great they give there characters a love for each other which i liked. So if you like zombies and gore,then i would recommend you watch Dawn Of The Dead. It is a brilliant peace of cinema.


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