AcChat – Erica Rhodes

Hello everyone and welcome to another actress interview on The Movie Guide Blog, I’m pleased to say that we’re joined by Erica Rhodes. Enjoy! 

MG: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, I really appreciate it..
ER: Thanks for the opportunity!

MG: First of all can you tell us your name and where you’re from?
ER: My name is Erica Rhodes and I am from Newton, MA, a suburb right outside of Boston.

MG: Can you firstly tell us what inspired you to become an Actress?
ER: So, despite my normal shy demeanor, I suddenly became very outspoken, marched right up to her and told her the correct lyrics. She invited me to sing along and suddenly we drew quite a crowd. She said, “What’s your name?” I said, “Erica.” And she said, “Erica, one day you’re going to be a big star.”

MG: Can you tell us what films you’ve starred in and or currently in production?
ER: I have starred in many independent films and horror films including, ‘Plague Town,’ ‘Killer Eye,’ ‘Foxfur,’ ‘Big Sky,’ and more. I also just completed a film called, ‘Posey’ which I helped produce, and starred in alongside Golden Globe winning actress, Sally Kirkland, and Ray Wise. I was also the star of the hit webseries, ‘Upstairsgirls’ for 3 years which had 200 mil views. And I am a regular guest on the radio show, ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ with Garrison Keillor.

MG: Can you tell us which character you’ve played?
ER: In ‘Foxfur’ I play the sister of Foxfur, Dewshine. In ‘Big Sky’ I play Liz, a disturbed, complicated emotionally fragile girl in love with the lead guy, Bryce. In ‘Upstairsgirls’ I played the sweet, naive girl, Sandy. And on the Prairie Home I am always playing many different characters. It changes from show to show.

MG: Can you tell us about the cast and crew of the films that you’ve worked on?
ER: David Gregory, the director of ‘Plague Town’ is one of my best friends and I talk to him almost every day. The cast was wonderful. ‘Big Sky’ was a very different set, because it was just me, the other lead, and the director traveling from LA to Montana in a car. It was a very small crew. But it gave us a lot of freedom to work creatively. Upstairsgirls was a very small crew as well. But we worked together for 3 years so grew very close. Garrison Keillor of ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ has been my biggest mentor in my life and has always believed in my comedic ability. He also gave me the opportunity to work with Meryl Streep and Martin Sheen.

MG: Can you tell us any films that you’re currently working on without going in to much detail?
ER: Posey was the latest film I worked on. It is a short film about a woman who suffers from Alzheimers (played by Sally Kirkland) and is put in a home by her granddaughter (me) and then something surprising happens. The film will be submitted to all of the big festivals next week

MG: Which experience from films that you’ve stared in has really stayed with you during you’re film career?
ER: definitely remember being covered in blood in both ‘Plague Town’ and ‘Killer Eye.’ It was never too much blood! LOL  And I remember lying on the train tracks in Montana, looking up at the sky feeling a sense of complete peace and fulfillment and I thought, “If I died right now that would be OK.” That’s how happy I was shooting ‘Big Sky.’

MG: So we’re almost at the end of the Interview, What’s next for you?
ER: I am currently the co-host of a really funny sketch comedy show called, ‘StarDumb’ which will be featured in the Riot Comedy Festival. It will be my first official Comedy Festival. I’m excited! I am also excited to see what happens with our film, ‘Posey.’ I have three credits: Story by, producer, and star. So that’s pretty cool! 😉

MG: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Erica!
ER: Thanks for having me! I appreciate it.

Thanks to Erica again for taking the time, Join us again soon!


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