Ramblin’ Reviews by Shah: THE IDES OF MARCH – 2011

George Clooney has done it again. A talented actor with such a grasp for direction, George Clooney’s latest offering in THE IDES OF MARCH is a success, in this Reviewer’s opinion anyways. A great story of political intrigue, back stabbing and cynicism.

THE IDES OF MARCH features another fast favorite of mine, Ryan Gosling. Essentially another story of an election race between two ideals, philosophies and candidates. Gosling’s Steven plays one of the campaign leaders for a respected Governor running for President, Clooney’s Morris. Believing in his candidate, Steven is an idealistic yet shrewd campaign darling who stands behind Morris. However a sequence of events turn his career upside down, as everything he worked for and believes, is in question.

Gosling is becoming a great actor. From his early days as just a pretty boy, he’s taking on some heavy hitting roles. To be chosen in a George Clooney directed film, in which Clooney acts as well, not as a supporting, but as the lead is no small feat. Gosling delivers in this role as a political genius that has to re-evaluate his entire life in order to survive.

Clooney, this time around, plays the perfect candidate for President. Honestly, Clooney doesn’t do much on the acting front here except his patented, charming gentleman act that he’s done multiple times. Simple. It’s the directing that he knocks outta the park.

For a very boring subject matter, Clooney executes the film in a way that’s both shocking and intriguing to watch. The pacing never lets up.  THE IDES OF MARCH is a talky movie. It’s complete talking and plot twists happen through conversation… not much happens!

Such movies are hard to make interesting, but Clooney does it superbly. The background music peaking at certain points gives those scenes the perfect dramatic flair, which enhances the effectiveness of that scene. THE IDES OF MARCH really boasts of great execution by Clooney and having Gosling carry the entire film on his shoulders.

Governor Morris (George Clooney, left) addresses supporters after receiving Senator Thompson's (Jeff...

It’s also a very narrative-less film. The entire movie is from Steven’s perspective. The audience learns, experiences and reacts to everything through the character of Steven. His ultimate double take on his life and eventual realization of what he has to do to survive is eerily surprising while tragic.

THE IDEAS OF MARCH is not going to be for everything as it’s a completely talky. However it’s a great dramatic thriller along the likes of THE FIRM and more recently, THE GHOSTWRITER. There are absolutely no scenes that drag. The only two reasons to watch this film are simple. Ryan Gosling & George Clooney… in that order.

Thanks to Shah for another Great Review, Join us again next time for another great review!


4 thoughts on “Ramblin’ Reviews by Shah: THE IDES OF MARCH – 2011

  1. I Love A Good Political Thriller, But I Found This Flick Sincerely Boring.
    It Probably Would Have Helped Matters If I Were A Big Fan Of Either Of The Leads…
    …But I’m Not…
    …So It Didn’t.
    However, Your Review Should Make Most Of Those Who Haven’t Seen It At Least WANT To See It.
    To Kudos To You There, Sir 🙂

    • Well like I mentioned, it’s purely a talky movie. Not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea.
      However, Clooney’s body of work has shown me that slow talky stuff can be interesting as well. So I give these movies a fair shake from now on.
      And, like you said, helps to have actors you like in it.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Reblogged this on Blank Page Beatdown and commented:
    Another ‘talky’ movie from Director George Clooney. This time though, the entire movie is on the shoulders of rising star Ryan Gosling. Not going to be for everyone… but an intense Thriller from these two powerhouse performers!!

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