AcChat – Ashlie Rhey

Hello everyone and welcome to another AcChat on The Movie Guide Blog, I’m pleased to say that we’re joined by Ashlie Rhey. Hope you enjoy this Interview!

MG: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, I really appreciate it! 😀
AR: You are welcome. 

MG: First of all can you tell us your name and where you’re from? 
AR: Ashlie Rhey, I was born in Wheeling, West Virginia and grew up in Navarre, Ohio (pop. 1,000).

MG: Can you firstly tell us what inspired you to become an Actress?
AR:  The first time I was on set I was working as an extra, and while I watched the actors work I thought: I want to be able to do that one day, but first I had to deal with my stage fright… when I started doing stand up comedy the stage fright came back with a vengeance!

MG: Can you tell us what films you’ve starred in and or currently in production?
AR: I starred in Bikini Drive In, Cannibal Taboo, Bikini Hoe-Down, Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody and The Summoned.

MG: Can you tell us which character’s you’ve played? 
AR: I’ve played both the good guy and the bad guy in horror films. When I was younger (I was also working as a model and a Playboy model and actress back then), I was cast to wear a bikini, lingerie (and less!) a LOT. It may seem strange but I’m looking forward to playing old ladies one day. Jessica Tandy was one actress I looked to when I decided to commit to acting, I thought: This is great; you get to do something you love until you die! You don’t have to (nor want to), ‘retire’.

MG: Can you tell us about the cast and crew of the films that you’ve worked on? 
AR: I really enjoy the ‘instant’ family of the cast and crew on a film.

MG: Can you tell us about your experiences on the sets of the film? 
AR: I simply LOVE being on set, even as an extra or a one day role. It is one of those places for me that feel like going home, even when I was sick or had to run down the beach in a bikini while freezing or standing in the desert wearing boots and all black in scorching heat the stronger feeling was the good feeling. I imagine it’s similar for most people who work in film because otherwise, why would anyone subject themselves to the downsides of the business?

MG: Can you tell us any films that you’re currently working on without going in to much detail? 
AR: I just shot for “Pot Zombies II: More Pot, Less Plot”. I played a Zombie and had a blast. The world premier is October 13th & 14th at the Blood Bath IV Film Festival.

MG: Which experience from films that you’ve stared has really stayed with you during you’re film career? 
AR: The first times stand out: my first day on set, first starring role and first times playing a ‘larger than life character’ like vampires, cannibals, zombies and ‘real’ clowns… she was mute. On the ‘really small screen’ my web series sitcom: Daisy Power will always be with me. I created it, wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in it… (I also did craft service, set dressing, lighting, PA and etc…), WHEW! I had to learn to do so many things.

MG: So we’re almost at the end of the Interview, What’s next for you?
AR: I am set to star in another YouTube sitcom series for Atomic Mitch, more stand-up comedy and the rest of the future is not written yet…

MG: Thanks Ashlie for taking the time to talk to us! 🙂
AR: Thanks for inviting me. Stay up to date at my website: .

Thanks to Ashlie for talking to us today, Join us tommorow where we’re going to have Interviews from the cast of Sherrif Tom vs The Zombies…


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