The Movie Guide Blog Welcomes 3rd Writer: Shah Shahid

We are pleased to Announce that We’ve got another and 3rd new contributor to the site, Please all Welcome Shah Shahid. Shah will be joining Jonathan,Tyson in writing reviews from a variety of different movies.

So please make him feel welcome to the site and leave comments on any of his reviews. Thanks Jamie 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Movie Guide Blog Welcomes 3rd Writer: Shah Shahid

  1. Reblogged this on Blank Page Beatdown and commented:
    There’s a whole lot of Reviews I try to put out on this Blog. They end up being mostly TV Shows & Movies, both Bollywood & Hollywood. However starting now, all my Hollywood and otherwise English Movie Reviews will be featured on The Movie Guide Blog. Yes, that’s right, The Shah is spreading his wings!

    There guys over there have given me an opportunity to ramble about movies on their Blog, which is pretty damn cool. I mean, going off on your own Blog is one thing, but to have others WANT you to babble on their Blog… is an honour!

    For my loyal fans, the both of you will still get to enjoy my reviews, Reblooged from their Site. And as usual, I will still educate the world on Indian films, as well as the occasional book I pick up, and the rest.

    Check out The Movie Guide Blog for all my Hollywood Movie Reviews going forward!

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