Upcoming Films: Some Guy Who Kills People

I’m glad I dont know who kills people!

Keny Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life. 

Director: Jack Perez
Writers: Ryan Levin
Produced by: John Landis, Ryan Levin, Michael Wormser, Micah Goldman
Cast: Kevin Corrigan, Lucy Davis, Barry Bostwick, Leo Fitzpatrick, Karen Black, Ariel Gade

Synopsis of Some Guy Who Kills People:
Ken Boyd, 34 years old and devoid of self-confidence, was recently released from Cotton Valley State Hospital, where he was treated for severe depression following a suicide attempt several years ago. With nowhere else to go, Ken heads back to his hometown of Green Oaks and moves in with his overbearing mother, Ruth, who never misses a chance to take a shot at her son’s suicidal tendencies, while also secretly rooting for him to get his life back on track. Ken’s only escape is, and always has been, drawing. From simple charcoal sketches fully fleshed out comic books, Ken seems to constantly be drawing what he sees, what he feels and what he wishes for.

Meanwhile, Ken’s only friend in the world, Irv, has hooked Ken up with a job at Fooger’s, the local ice cream parlor owned by the austere, by-the-book, Al Fooger, who is growing increasingly tired of Ken’s frequent tardiness. While Ken doesn’t mind the work, he’d prefer not having to dress up like a giant ice cream cone for the frequent birthday parties around town.

During Ken’s transition back to the real world, he continues to be haunted by unshakeable demons. Back in high school, Ken suffered a severe and humiliating beating at the hands of several students, who dragged him to a cabin and tortured him for several hours. This traumatic experience was soon followed by an experience even more damaging to Ken’s psyche – he impregnated a local girl, Janet Wheeler, who
then refused his engagement offer and fled to a nearby town to ensure Ken would never be a part of his daughter’s life. Together, the two incidents caused Ken to snap. He slit his wrists and was institutionalized.

Now, back in Green Oaks, with his life at its nadir, Ken is hell-bent on getting revenge on each of the men who dragged him to that isolated cabin years ago; the men he holds responsible for his miserable fate. By killing each man, Ken hopes to find closure to a bleak chapter in his life.

However, Ken’s plan for revenge is threatened when his estranged daughter, Amy, now 11 years old, shows up and asks to spend the week with him. Ken immediately shoots the idea down, but when Ruth tells Ken that he better do it, or find somewhere else to live, he reluctantly accepts the role of part-time dad. Further complications arise when the town sheriff, Walt Fuller, hot on the killer’s trail, begins sleeping with Ken’s mother. And then there’s Stephanie, the transplant from England, and recent divorcee, who feels equally lost in Green Oaks as Ken.

Ken’s “new” daughter wants to spend as much time with him as possible. His burgeoning romantic relationship has him dressing up and going to art galleries. And the town sheriff is banging his mom. With all of these new plates to spin, will Ken be able to complete his mission of killing the men who shattered his life many years ago?

Now that you’ve got a taste of the movie, here is the trailer for the film.

Some Guy Who Kills People is released on DVD here in the UK October 8th. You can visit the official website for Some Guy Who Kills People, you can follow the provided link: www.someguywhokillspeople.com.


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