Making Movies in Photos – Girls Gone Dead

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new feature to the movie guide blog, Making Movies in Photos. The main aim for this set of article’s is to show you all the production process of movie making!.

The first film that we’re going to be featuring is Girls Gone Dead Girls.

Directors: Michael Hoffman Jr, Aaron Wells
Writers: Michael Hoffman Jr, Ryan Dee and Meghan Jones
Cast: Jerry Lawler, Beetlejuice,Ron Jeremy, Linnea Quigley, Katie Peterson and Shawn C Phillips

Synopsis of Girls Gone Dead
Rebecca is set to spend her first Spring Break home from college with her old high school cheerleading friends. As luck would have it, the group of six sexy girls have been granted the usage of a rental property in the Florida coastal town of Manatee Creek. However, they are soon to find that their vacation may be anything but… Just down the road, in Daytona Beach; “Crazy Girls Unlimited” — a company famous for its drunken topless DVD releases – has been throwing an event for their latest video series. However, the shoot ended early when a war-hammer-wielding killer showed up to end the festivities. Unaware of what has transpired, Rebecca and her friends decide to throw a Spring Break Free-For-All – But the girls get more than they bargained for when, one by one, the party-goers begin to disappear. It seems that an uninvited stranger has been cutting the guest list – literally – and it’s everyone for themselves in this hysterical, splatter-tastic flick.

Making Movies in Photos – Girls Gone Dead
The first image shows you The Girls Gone Dead crew getting ready to shoot a steadicam sequence
Ryan Dee, Producer on Girls Gone Dead Reviewing shots from previously shooting.
DP Richard Dine helps block the 2nd camera with steadicam operator Gregory Gromak.

The Girls Gone Dead Crew filming with Crazy Girls Team, Ron Jermey and Tony Batmann.

Co-Director Michael Hoffman directing his crew, ready for the next shot.
Co-Director Michael Hoffman explaining to Sal Governale, Beetlejuice what he wants for this particular shot..
Co-Director Michael Hoffman calibrates the B Cam

Girls Gone Dead Crew Member Matt Pollifrone Shooting a outside shot for film.
Co-Director Michael Hoffman talking with the Killer of Girls Gone Dead alongside the rest of the Girls Gone Dead crew..
Wrapping a Car Shot with Katie Peterson and Brandy Whiford, Notice the camera in the mirror..
Katie Peterson Covered in blood ready for a shot on Girls Gone Dead.
The crew of Girls Gone Dead working on another car shot for the film.

Co-Director Michael Hoffman reviewing a previous shot with stars Caley Hayes and Brandy Whitford.

Stunt Actress Jenny Andreasson on fire for an shot in the movie.
An overnight shoot is approaching for the Girls Gone Dead crew.
Shooting Jerry Lawler as Sheriff Jackson Cole during the crime scene shot

A Wide Angle of the crime scene shot in Girls Gone Dead.

Co-Director Aaron Wells helps block a pivotal scene in the film.

The lovely cast of Girls Gone Dead.
The cast and crew wrapping the first wave of shooting.

Ron went through all of these hardships just for you. I feel so sorry for him!

Krystyna Ahlers as “Lisa” teases Shawn C. Phillips as “Jared” in this BTS photo of a scene from “Girls Gone Dead.

Jerry “The King” Lawler as Sheriff Jackson Cole.

Co-Director Michael A. Hoffman with Nicko McBrain – drummer for the world’s greatest Metal Band – Iron Maiden. Look out for his cameo in the film!!!

Ron Jeremy and Tony Batman with some of the “Crazy Girls Unlimited” women

More Crazy Girls Pictures…..

Thanks to the Guys at Girls Gone Dead for these amazing photo’s, Join us again soon for another Making Movies in Photo’s.


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