DireChat – Emily Hagins of My Sucky Teen Romance

Hello everyone and welcome to another DireChat, This time we’re joined by Emily Hagins who directed My Sucky Teen Romance, Please Enjoy!…

MG:What inspired you to become an Director?
EH: I loved telling stories from an early age, and when I started making short films I realized that directing was bringing together several elements to tell a story. I wanted to learn about the different aspects of production to know what to ask for from my team, and put the puzzle pieces together in a way that best seems to fit the bigger picture.

MG: Can you tell us about some of the other projects that you’ve worked on?
a. My first film, Pathogen, is a zombie film I made when I was 12-years-old. There is a documentary on Netflix about my experiences called Zombie Girl: The Movie. My second feature is called The Retelling, which is a supernatural murder mystery.

Now we’re going to talk about My Sucky Teen Romance

MG: Where did the Idea come for My Sucky Teen Romance?
EH: I was looking to make a coming of age film that took place in a sci-fi convention, much like the one I attend every year in Minnesota called CONvergence. It’s a homemade celebration of geekdom, and not as much along the lines of the advertising purposes of a con like Comic-Con. At the same time, I really wanted to use a real teen perspective on the teen vampire phenomenon. I sorta combined the two to make a film about real vampires (dressing up as the pop culture impression of vampires) who use a sci-fi convention to find victims, and a group of geeky teens have to use what they know about books and movies to figure out how to stop them

MG:What is the plot of the My Sucky Teen Romance  in your own words?
EH: In a culture that is currently overrun with romanticized vampires, it is up to four geeky teenagers to defend their friend and beloved sci-fi convention from a group of very real, blood-thirsty vampires.

MG: Can you tell us the Crew who were on the movie and what where they like to work with? 
EH: The crew was a combination of adults and teenagers, but that didn’t really play into the professionalism of the set. Everyone worked hard and respected each other, despite the differences in age and experience. For example our Assistant Director, Lina Green, was 15 at the time. But she’s one of the most hard working and dedicated people I’ve ever met, and kept the set running smoothly and on time along with other adults, such as our Producer Paul Gandersman.

MG: How did the main cast come about and can you tell us about them?
EH: It was important for me to find kids who felt like real kids–– genuine and awkward and learning how the world works. They all have various levels of acting experience, but were equally professional and dedicated.

MG:Can you tell us a little about the production of the film and if there was one moment that made it that more special? 
EH: It was a fairly short production schedule, partially because we had a tight script that pretty much all took place in one location. We’d be working hard and long days, but we’d balance with making those “pajama days.” I think the vibe was so fun because everyone knew their part of the whole was valuable, and they were excited as the pieces came together.

MG: The Final Question is, Can we expect any more great movies from you?
EH: I just want to keep telling stories that are important to me, and will hopefully resonate with other peoples’ experiences. But definitely more movies! Haha.
Keep an eye out for MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE on DVD/Blu-ray on September 4th! It is also available for pre-order on Amazon.

Thanks to Emily for taking the time to talk to us on The Movie Guide Blog, join us again soon for another DireChat!


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