Now Movies: Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal

Part muse. Part sleepwalking cannibal.

A once-famous painter rediscovers inspiration when he befriends a sleepwalking cannibal. When I Found Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal, I knew from the tittle and the film being a Dark Comedy, I wanted to share it with all my readers on The Movie Guide Blog.

Directed by Boris Rodriguez
Written By Boris Rodriguez
Produced by Michael A. Dobbin, Ronnie Fridthjof and Boris Rodriguez

Starring: Thure Lindhardt, Dylan Smith, Georgina Reilly, Al Goulem, Paul Braunstein and Stephen McHattie

Synopsis of Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal:
Lars Olafssen, once a young celebrity in the art world is slipping away fast into the land of has-beens. His long-time art dealer, Ronny, is now an ungracefully aging hipster who desperately wants his meal ticket back. But Lars refuses to paint. His creativity comes at too high a cost – his inspiration is carnage – blood, guts and limbs. Not surprisingly, this lead to a dreadful breakdown in the past. Nevertheless, an eager Ronny arranges a teaching job for Lars at an art school in Koda Lake, a small Canadian town in the middle of nowhere. It’s a “therapeutic” measure for Lars – a means to conquer his need to paint in the “safety” of a country retreat… That is, until Eddie comes into his life.

Here is the Trailer for Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal;


Kick Starting Movies: Grow Up, Tony Phillips

Welcome to another Kick Starting Movie Post, this time we’re going to be featuring Grow Up, Tony Phillips , a new feature film by Emily Hagins.

About Grow Up, Tony Phillips
Grow Up, Tony Phillips may take place on Halloween, but it has nothing to do with horror movies and everything to do with that crystalline moment in time everyone has when they realize life marches forward and they’re the youngest they’ll ever be. It’s a coming-of-age story, but this isn’t an indie drama about a boy becoming a man. It’s a comedy about Tony Phillips, a guy who doesn’t think childhood passions should have an expiration date.

This won’t be teenage life as viewed from an adult’s nostalgia-tinted rear view mirror. This is in every sense a teen’s story told from the perspective of actual teenagers, both behind and in front of the camera. That means no hyper-meta dialogue, no larger-than-life scenarios, and no over-the-top style. This is all straight from Emily’s heart.

About the Production of Grow Up, Tony Phillips
Grow Up, Tony Phillips is the fourth feature film from 19-year-old Emily Hagins. Her first, undertaken at the impossible age of 11, was Pathogen, a zombie film; second, the ghostly The Retelling; and third was the vampire comedy My Sucky Teen Romance, which was released on DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes/VOD through Dark Sky Films on September 4th, 2012.

Arcanum Pictures is an Austin-based producing team founded by Peter Hall and Paul Gandersman working in narrative short and feature films, as well as commercials. We are currently in pre-production on Grow Up, Tony Phillips, with principal photography set to begin in and around Central Texas in late Fall of 2012.

How the Rasied Money will be used on Grow Up, Tony Phillips
The funds we’re hoping to raise are only a part of the budget and will allow us to cover the assets we have yet to finance. Yes, it’s a high number, but we didn’t just pull it out of thin air. The entire production has been budgeted and scheduled from start to finish. We know what it is going to take to bring this film to its audience.

First and foremost, we need your help to buy us time. Not metaphorically, mind you — We will be shooting in the Fall of 2012, but how long that shoot will be is directly proportional to our budget. We need you to help us carve out as much shooting time as possible.   Then it comes down to crew, production design and location. Being able to pay actors and artists their working rates isn’t a luxury, it’s the way it should be. And considering we’ll be giving Central Texas more of a Halloween-worthy Fall than it actually has, we’re going to need all the help we can get.   We have an amazing team assembled that we have been lucky enough to work with on many projects already and feel more than confident in their talents to help make this film a winner. As for what we’ll be shooting on, that’s easy: A RED Epic.

I wanted to let the production team know that The Movie Guide Blog, will be supporting Grow Up, Tony Phillips in tweeting and trying to raise money for the film as much as we can!

You can yourself donate money at:

Go and Support an Brand New Film by Emily Hagins and Arcanum Pictures!

Grave Encounters 2 – Available On Demand 10/2/12 – New ‘Leaked Clip’ and More!


Well, a clip has been released leaked from Grave Encounters 2;   our friends at Dread Central have the article and the clip that arrived mysteriously in their email inbox from someone with the username DeathAwaits.  Hmmm, that sounds familiar, the kind of username that would be in a press kit… let’s see here.

Click here for the full story (and the same clip) on DreadCentral.Com!

That’s strange. He looks as though he may have a bloodshot eye… or is that actual blood in the inner corner?

I wish I had some reviews to link to, but none of the IMDB links work at the time of this writing; they all take me to an error page of some kind. I hope that’s some kind of creative marketing gimmick and not because they ordered all the less-than-positive advance reviews pulled. I think they’ll be positive, though (I trust…

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AcChat – Sean Rogerson (Lance Preston of Grave Encounters)

Hello everyone and welcome to another AcChat here on The Movie Guide blog. Today, I’m pleased to say that we are joined by Sean Rogerson, who plays Lance Preston in the film, Grave Encounters 1 and 2, enjoy.

Following the interview you can listen to the audio interview that myself and Sean did only a couple days ago, enjoy!

MG: Hey Sean, Thanks for the taking the time out to talk to The Movie Guide Blog
SR: No problem I’m happy to be here!

MG: First of All, can you tell us your name and who you played in Grave Encounters?
SR: My name would be Sean Rogerson and I play the character Lance Preston in Grave Encounters

MG: In your own words can you explain your character “Lance Preston”  ?
SR: Douche……… Noooo the truth, he is a good guy just tryin to leave his mark in the world. He has a lot of drive and focus towards success and is willing to do whatever it is to make it happen.

MG: Can you tell us about how long you were on set as “Lance Preston”?
SR: What do you mean? I am Lance Preston? …. JK We shot for thirteen nights so that was about it. Honest.

MG: Is there one part of “Lance Preston” that reminds you of yourself? 
SR: Ah yes, Unfortunately for me it’s the cheese ball part. But thankfully I’m pretty sure it’s also the part that pushed me to get into acting.

MG: Can you talk to us a little bit about the Production of Grave Encounters in your own words and if there was one moment that stood out for you?
SR: The production was something that all movies should be made of I think. We all met each other became friends and had a blast making a movie. Production was incredibly smooth. Angelski and the Vicious Brothers had a clear vision and each day they made it happen. A moment that stood out for me was in the tunnels with Stuart Vicious. We were filming a scene and he was standing right in front of holding the camera when all of a sudden a giant ROOOOOOAR came flying down the tunnel at us. He let out a small peep and I hollered out loud then proceeded to shove him further in front of me as protection. Uh Yeah…. It was an old water pipe and I’m a scared child.

MG: Can you tell us about the Cast and Crew on the Film “Grave Encounters”, and what was it like to work with them?
SR: The Cast and crew were so much fun. It’s not often you get to work with such an amazing, hardworking and talented group. We all met introduced ourselves then immediately spent almost two weeks together. I think we all had our first date, first fight and first make up in those two weeks. I am very lucky to have a great deal of these people still as close friends.

 MG:  With the Much Anticipated Grave Encounters 2, can you talk to us a little bit about that without going to into much detail and talk to us about what we can expect?
SR: The boys have done it again. They have put together a movie that I believe is what the people are going to want to see. Its younger it’s hotter and it’s weirder. These guys are not afraid to make fun of themselves…. or us and all this gets done through great film making.

MG: In one Sentence, can you explain Grave Encounters 2?
SR: it’s the sequel that everyone would have asked for.

MG: After you’re experiences on the two Grave Encounters Movies, what can we expect from Sean Rogerson in future film work?
SR:  I am just about to start work on a film called 12 rounds Reloaded with a badass wrestler named Randy Orton. I will be playing a character named Detective Sykes. The guy has the best of intentions but may have stepped on a few people to get where he is. There is going to be lots of action in this one…. and some explosions.

MG: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Sean,  I really do appreciate it!
SR: Anytime Jamie it was my pleasure!

As said in the beginning of the post, we can now share the audio interview with you, ENJOY!

Now Movies: The Apparition – Suspense/Thriller

Directed by Todd Lincoln
Written by Todd Lincoln
Produced by Joel Silver, Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman

Starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom FeltonHere’s a little background about Todd, and the crew that worked on the film, all of the Information can be found at; ;

Todd Lincoln makes his feature film directorial debut on “The Apparition,” from his screenplay. The film stars Ashley Greene (the “Twilight” series), Sebastian Stan (“Captain America: The First Avenger”) and Tom Felton (the “Harry Potter” films, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”). “The Apparition” was produced under the Dark Castle banner by Joel Silver, Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman. The executive producers are Steve Richards, Sue Baden-Powell and Daniel Alter

Mr Lincoln was joined behind the scenes by director of photography Daniel C. Pearl (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Friday the 13th”), production designer Steve Saklad (“Up in the Air,” “Drag Me to Hell”), editors Jeff Betancourt and Harold Parker, and costume designer Kimberly Adams with music by tomandandy (“The Strangers,” “Resident Evil: Afterlife”).

Synopsis of The Apparition
When frightening events start to occur in their home, young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) discover they are being haunted by a presence that was accidentally conjured during a university parapsychology experiment. The horrifying apparition feeds on their fear and torments them no matter where they try to run. Their last hope is an expert in the supernatural, Patrick (Tom Felton), but even with his help they may already be too late to save themselves from this terrifying force

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Apparition when it comes to the UK, but just to give you a taster of whats to come, check out the trailer below.

Check more out  at the official site and give their facebook page a like! : .

Watch out for Tim Buckley: GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY (2012)

A chronicle of the days leading up to Tim Buckley’s performance at his father’s tribute concert in 1991.

I Love Film and I Love Music when I saw these two components combine, I got excited for the film and wanted to share it with you all.

Director: Daniel Algrant
Writers: Daniel Algrant, David Brendel and Emma Sheanshang
Cast:  Penn Badgley, Imogen Poots and William Sadler

Synopsis of Greetings from Tim Buckley;

In 1991 Jeff Buckley (PENN BADGLEY), an unknown twenty four year-old L.A. musician, is invited to participate in a tribute concert in New York City for his late father Tim Buckley, the iconic folk rock star. In the days leading up to the concert, Jeff grapples with his own self doubts and the legacy of his famous father. But with the loving help of an enigmatic young woman working at the concert (IMOGEN POOTS), he finds the courage to perform at the now legendary St. Ann’s concert, where Jeff discovers his own voice singing his father’s songs, captivating the audience and launching Jeff’s own meteoric career. Simultaneously told in 1991 and 1966, GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY poignantly explores the interweaving paths of a father and son who were among the most beloved singer-songwriters of their generations.

Check out  the Trailer for Greetings from Tim Buckley below: