AcChat – Linnea Quigley of Girls Gone Dead

Hello everyone and welcome to the second AcChat for the day, this time we’re joined by Linnea Quigley who plays Willie in Girls Gone Dead. You may recognise  Linnea from such films as “Return of the Living Dead”, “Silent Night Deadly Night” and “Night of the Demons” which have made her an icon in the horror genre. Enjoy….

MG: Linnea, please tell us a little about your character in Girls Gone Dead.
LG: I love my character. She is a feisty bartender who owns Wyld Willie’s in the middle of no where. It has karaoke and I’m giving the girls drinks and need to make the money so new people are great to have. I perform karaoke myself in it – hahaha. I talk kinda funny too (don’t want to give it away now).

MG:  So how did it come to be that you would appear in the film?
LQ: I had worked with Mike on “Spring Break Massacre” and played a deputy who met a bad ending. Reggie Bannister was also in it as a chain smoking sheriff who has this small town stuff to deal with.

MG: Can you tell us how many days you were on set?
LQ: I  was on the set I believe 2 nights with rats crawling around (which I’m afraid of) and it was VERY cold for Florida nights-  but it was a blast and it looked amazing! I’mm so proud of Mike – and the other producers were really cool people.

MG: Is there any part of the character that reminds you of yourself?
LQ: I think some of the character is myself like really trying to get some business going and very revved up about it (and i love the strange voice – hahaha no i wont tell). I also love my hair; its like i used to wear it when i was 13 or so.

MG: What was it like to Work with the Cast and Crew on Set?
LQ: The cast and crew were so cool. One let me go in her Winnebago to get warm and comfy and the owner of the property we shot at had wolves which I got to see. Loved the DP; First AD and the rest – even sound. Everyone was cool. I didn’t have time to meet everyone but Shawn C. Phillips, who faced me, cracked me up. He could see the rats dangling down and would go “Look…No don’t look…” and i was doing a dance in back of the bar trying to remember lines and not have a rat step on my line. The people who all did this (and I’mm sorry if I’ve forgotten people) were so cool and I love the movie. I was so shocked how amazing it was since I’ve done some movies where you go “Oh well” but this one is really really great. Good job mate!!!

Love and screams — And be kind to animals or ill get ya’ with my chainsaw while you drink monkey margaritas!

Thanks to Linnea for taking the time out to speak to us.. Thanks readers for reading the latest AcChat, join us again soon.


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