DireChat – Eric Williford of Natalie’s Lose Lose

Welcome to another edition of DireChat, This week we are joined by Eric Williford who directs the upcoming Natalie’s Lose Lose.

MG: Thanks for taking the time to do this Eric, I really appreciate it.
EW: No problem. Thanks for having me. I love what you guys are doing so this is a really cool thing for me to be a part of! I’m drinking a Boddingtons in your honor.

MG: What inspired you to become an Director?
EW: I really just love film in general. But the moment I discovered that I could actually do this is when I discovered the French New Wave. It wasn’t even just the films themselves, but it was also the mentality that they had. Even now, when you watch one of those films, you feel like they were just determined to make a film no matter what. And I think that’s really cool and inspiring. They used their lack of finances as a reason to give themselves artistic freedom. Look at a film like “Cleo From 5-7”. It’s basically about a woman waiting to find out if she has cancer. You can’t make a film like that and and be concerned with the marketing and sell-ability of it. She’s literally just hanging out and trying to live her life. No car chases, no explosions, no swashbuckling sword fights, nothing. And as dull as it sounds, it’s actually pretty captivating. You make a film like that because you have a story to tell and you’re determined to tell it.

MG: Can you tell us about some of the other projects that you’ve worked on
EW: Gladly! There’s been numerous short films, but I won’t get into all of those. The major ones are “The 8th Plague” which I wrote, and I was one of the Producers on. It was Directed by Franklin Guerrero Jr. The other one was CARVER which I produced. Franklin Guerrero wrote, and directed it. He also produced it with me. Both films have won awards at various festivals and received worldwide distribution.

Now we’re going to talk about Natalie’s Lose Lose, Eric Replied “Let’s do this!”

MG: Where did the Idea come for Natalie’s Lose Lose?
EW: Not sure where the actual moment came from. I had wasted time chasing down bum financial “Leads” to try and get a few other scripts made. And before I knew it, I had spent about a year and a half meeting various people for lunch only to find out later that the guy they knew who was dating a woman whose neighbor had a nephew whose girlfriend’s dad was interested in investing in a film was actually full of crap. Good times. But I’m not as bitter as that last statement sounds. It was an awesome learning experience for me. Seriously. But finally I had to say to myself, “Alright dude, if you’re not actively making a film, then you can’t keep telling people you’re a filmmaker.” So I went into the lab and started jotting down notes. Characters, things I had access to for free or super cheap, that sort of thing. And from those nights of note taking, I finally started to see some strands that looked like plot points, and character development. Once that happened I just kind of ran with it.

MG: What is the plot of Natalie’s Lose Lose in your own words?
EW: Thanks for asking! “Natalie’s Lose Lose” is about a young woman who awakens to find herself gagged and bound to a chair. Moments later she finds herself relentlessly interrogated by a man speaking through an intercom and a mysterious woman in a gas mask. The question isn’t just who are these people, but more importantly, why did they choose her?

MG: Can you tell us the Crew who were on the movie and what where they like to work with?
EW: Sure! The crew was fantastic to work with. Brittany Ann Cormack handled the costumes and wardrobe. Maggie Dillon with Paradox Reality Efx took care of hair, make-up, and the make-up efx. And of course Gene handled the sound mix, Frankie Guerrero handled the sound design, Steve Benton Composed the music, Chris Watkins was the AC, Allie Fey was PA, and Doug Wirth helped me with Producer duties. Rob Klepzig handled construction, art department, and props. But don’t be fooled by titles. When you’re working with a crew this size, it’s important to have people that are talented and are willing to handle multiple duties. For instance, Brittany and Rob read all of the lines that were OS. That kind of get’er done attitude is crucial on a flick like this. If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a moment and say thanks to everyone for their great attitudes!

MG: How did the main cast come about and can you tell us about them?
EW: Our lead actor Danielle Adams auditioned and killed it. So we brought her on board. Natalie Victoria was acting in another project with Doug Wirth, so he mentioned her as a possibility. She did an awesome taped audition and she was on board. Other people responded to the posting with reels that really impressed us.

MG: Can you tell us a little about the production of the film and if there was one moment that made it that more special?
EW: The production was great. Everybody really pulled together to make the best possible film. There comes a moment when you realize that the crazy vision you put onto paper is growing a life of it’s own and other talented artists are interpreting  your work and doing really cool things with it. You start to realize that your baby is growing into something awesome. For me that moment came when I first saw Brittany’s costume sketches. That was the moment when I realized, okay, this is an actual film now, and I’m working with talented people who can elevate this script into something really really dope. Time to get to work!!

MG: One thing that I Love about Films is the music, , can you tell what was involved to get the music for Natalie’s Lose Lose?
EW: I wanted something industrial and grimy for this film. I didn’t want it to sound like every other horror film. If I watch another low budget horror film with an overbearing death metal track that doesn’t even match the visuals, I’m going to eat a plate of nails and chase it with a shot of  bleach. Okay, maybe it’s not that serious, but I wanted Nat’s Lose Lose to sound different and Steve Benton really hit the nail on the head.

MG: The Final Question Eric , can we expect any more great movies from you?
EW: Thanks for the kind words! And to answer your question: You bet your sweet a$$ you can. Next on my plate is a Horror Themed Christmas Anthology titled “Merry F@#$ing Christmas”. It’s four short films by four distinctly different filmmakers. Yours truly included. The other filmmakers are J. Michael Whalen, Jaye and Otis Lowe (aka The Lowe Brothers), and Frankie Guerrero Jr.  It’s in the last stages of post production. Look for a trailer and poster in the next month or so. My segment is about a group of young ladies who get together every year for a white elephant gift exchange, but this year all the ladies get the same gift…terror! It’s titled “The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party” and it stars Marissa Merrill, Victoria Vertuga, Valeria Pellegaud, Cori Collins, and Aria Aspen. Visit my facebook page (facebook.com/95Forty) for more updates. Trust me, I’m well aware of how shameless that last plug was. But in all honesty, let me tip toe out on a limb here and say that “Merry F@#$ing Christmas” will be the Greatest Sub 100 Million Dollar American Made Bi-Coastal Christmas Themed Horror Anthology of All Time. Yes, you should believe the hype.

Thanks for taking the time! You guys rock. Keep doing what you’re doing. All the best to you and your legions.

Thanks to Eric, for taking the time out to talk to us about Natalie’s Lose Lose, you can find more information about the film at: www.95Forty.com  , facebook:www.facebook.com/95Forty or follow them on twitter. join us again soon for another DireChat!


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