Now Movies: Detention

 At the momment, I’m quite glad that I dont get in Detention!

I had found Detention through an Trailer on youtube. I sat through the trailer a couple of times and thought “I may just pick up a copy for me”, so when onto Amazon UK and Pre-Ordered it…. Now I’ve got to wait to see the film! which I’m quite excited about!..

Director: Joseph Kahn
Writers: Joseph Kahn and Mark Palermo
Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Shanley Caswell, Spencer Locke, Aaron David Johnson, and Dane Cook

Synopsis of Detention:
Detention is about a group of teens who attend Grizzly Lake High School. When one of their class mates is killed by someone dressed up as ‘Cinderhella’ (a character from a popular horror movie) they are all under suspicion. But when they all get detention, they try to work out who it is.

Now you think its got a Good plot, check out the following trailer below, to see why I got excited for Detention!

Detention is avaliable on DVD here in the UK on August 27th on amazon.


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