All Things Movie Podcasts: Now Playing Podcast

From starting the other set of articles All Things Movie Websites, I knew that there where a great deal of dedicated movie podcasts out there, so I had the idea to mention and feature them on The Movie Guide Blog. The first podcast that we’re going to start with is the Now Playing Podcast.

Here’s a little Introduction to the Now Playing Podcast:
Now Playing Retrospectives review every film in a series. Currently reviewing James Bond, check out our site for all Marvel Comics films, Batman, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Terminator, and more!

The Now Playing podcast’s main mission is to provide enjoyable discussions about our favourite films, The Now Playing Podcast has a number of great staff onboard which are included on the podcast, click the following link to see who works on The Now Playing Podcast (

If you want to find more out about the Now Playing Podcast, you can find them on their website:,

Then Sit back to some great discussions about you’re most loved movies!, Join us again soon for another All Things Movie Podcasts.


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