AcChat – Jessica Messenger

Welcome to the next AcChat, this time we are joined by Jessica Messenger, who talks about her acting experiences here in the UK.

MG: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, I really appreciate it..
JM:  My name is Jessica messenger, and I am from Derbyshire, UK.

Philip Gardiner Photography (C)

MG: Can you firstly tell us what inspired you to become an Actress?
JM: A few events coming together really! I’ve always been interested in the Arts, and trained in various other areas throughout my life, then I went to University to study a degree in Film and that’s when I realised how much I’d like to get involved. I started off wanting to write, but quickly became more addicted to the idea of being in front of the lens.

MG: Can you tell us what films you’ve starred in and or currently in production?
JM: Yes sure! I’ve done several feature films within the last 12 months, so I will pick at just a few. My first ever feature project was also a creative experiment for the director , The film is One Hour To Die and is written and directed by Philip Gardiner. I played the character of Jess (ironically) and the film was based around 5 characters and a 6th member being the cameraman who shot the whole movie in one long take. It was an incredibly eye opening experience, not only was I learning the craft on set and learning more about myself as an actor, I was testing my skills by shooting a whole feature film in one take. There were a lot of tensions im sure, but they made it worthwhile.

Two more recent films I can tell you about are still being edited or in production. I was extremely lucky to get the chance to work on Devils Tower this summer, which was written by Adam Marsh, Directed by Owen Tooth and Produced by a variety of others. The lead cast were Roxanne Pallett of Emmerdale, Jessica Jane Clement of The real hustle, Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob and Frances Ruffelle the stage legend and star of Les Miserables. It was a bit of an insane time to be working with such a great load of talent and I am forever grateful for the opportunity. The other film im working on is called Wasteland, which is being directed by Tom Wadlow (of Lightfilms), I play the female lead of Beth along with Shameer Seepersand who plays the lead of Scott. Its been a really pleasurable experience to work with such an actor, who has a wealth of experience and a back catalogue of great roles.I think the experience that has stayed with me the most so far has to be working with Owen Tooth and Dominic Burns on the set of Devils Tower. It was great to see such hardworking, creative individuals pulling together to make an absolute masterpiece, and I really wish them all the best with the post-production of the movie.

MG: So we’re almost at the end of the Interview, What’s next for you?
JM: At the moment Im really pushing myself in terms of creating a profile, networking and getting my face around a little. It’s a 24/7 job and requires a lot of effort. Im not in any rush to join a union or to get an agent, ive gone this alone so far and I like the fact I have so much control over my work and what I work on. Ive spent the last 12 months rebranding myself and getting a lot work together, the next 12-18 months hopefully sees me securing some more lead roles and stepping it up a few pegs. We shall see I guess. I hope it all pays off!

MG: Thanks Jessica for Joining us 🙂
JM: Thanks for having me, and good luck with the website/blog!

Join us again soon for another AcChat!


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