AcChat – Arielle Brachfeld of The Haunting of Whaley House

Welcome to the second ever AcChat on The Movie Guide Blog and this time we’re going to be speaking to Arielle Brachfeld who played Vanessa in The Haunting of Whaley House.

MG: First of All, can you tell us your name and who you play in The Haunting of Whaley House?
AB: Arielle Brachfeld and I play Vanessa Dane

MG: So how did it come to be that you would appear in The Haunting of Whaley House?
AB: A bargain with the devil finally paid off. And, Jose just has a thing about watching my die in Stephanie Greco’s arms.

MG: Can you tell us how long you were on set as characters?
AB: I was never not in character. No, just joking. I think I worked 8 days? I don’t know, it’s fuzzy now. They were really long days if that means anything.

MG: Is there one part of the character that reminds you of yourself?
AB: The posession. Again, just joking.

MG: Can you tell us about your schedule during the production and what moment really stood out for you?
AB: Let me give some background on this first. I had been shooting 3 months straight on 3 different features. I literally arrived back in LA from the Live In Fear shoot with Maria Olsen 3 days before we started shooting Whaley. I was pretty exhausted. I remember feeling pretty ill one day, and I was laying on the floor (because we couldn’t sit in any of the couches at the house) and Jose comes over to me and starts filming me laying there in all my misery. I started thinking about how happy I was to do what I do. I know. I need help.

The other moment that sticks out is when they were doing my makeup for the possession. I have never worn contacts before, and the contacts were GIANT. After dealing with the most uncomfortable feeling in my life of getting these things in my eyes, I realize I can’t see a damn thing. I was really hoping no one would play a prank on me. I’ve never felt more defenseless. Thank you to whoever held Jose or Josh Garrel back from playing a prank on me. Seriously. Thank you.

MG: What was it like to Work with the Cast and Crew on Set?
AB: I’m going to be completely sincere. It’s rare to have a cast and crew that get along as well as we all did. It was by far one of the best experiences I have had. There was a lot of pressure to get done what we needed to in the shoot. Though I wish I had more time to give the best performance I could, I really don’t regret a moment on that set. And, everyone at least acted like they liked my jokes. So that made a big difference for me. I love getting the crew to crack up.

MG: After you’re experiences on The Haunting of Whaley House, what is next for you?
AB: I have a few things on the docket. I’m currently preparing for Josten Theney’s The Axeman at Cutter’s Creek which is shooting this September in Big Bear. I’m also working with Ted Payson and again with Maria Olsen on a horror webseries. And finally, a project near and dear to my heart, Chemical Peel (which also stars Stephanie Greco) is in post production. I’m getting to expereince what selling a movie is all about.

Thanks to Arielle for taking part in AcChat, Join us again soon for another AcChat…


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