100 Years of Movie Magic: Film Features

I’m going preface this article by that I am a huge Universal Pictures fan and wanted to feature their 100 years of making film in a number of posts featuring their films, so here to start it of we’re going  to start it with a PR from Universal Pictures.
This post will also feature the new opening logo shot of the symbolic logo from Universal Pictures which accompanies the new films released. The name of the shot is called Throught time but first a little PR from Universal Pictures;

A great movie can do something amazing
It can drive social change.

It can make you afraid of the ocean. It can affect the course of culture. But most of all, it can stay with you. When we remember our favourite movies, we remember iconic moments. E.T. and Elliott soaring through the night sky on a flying bicycle. Tony “Scarface” Montana shooting his way into oblivion. Marty McFly hitting 88 mph in Doc Brown’s DeLorean.

And like an unexpected news story, a memorable movie moment can become a milestone in your own life. Think about one of your favourite movies. Do you remember where you first saw it? What about who you were with? Perhaps you recall what was happening in your own life at the time – a source of stress, or joy. And maybe, just maybe, that iconic movie moment changed the way you looked at the world.

We’ve collected some of our favourite movie moments from the last 100 years. While you’re exploring, take some time to reflect. If something sparks a personal memory, we’d love for you to share it.

Here’s to 100 wonderful years of Moments & Memories, and 100 more to come

Like as promised here is the new logo shot for new releases from Universal Pictures;


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